Projects and publications

Zagreb, Croatia

Sense and Sustainability International Conference on Archaeology and Tourism

Annemarie Willems, also in het capacity as co-chair of the EAA Community Integrating the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism, is a member of the Organizing Committee for the Sense and Sustainability Conference that will be organised 7-9 May 2019 in Zagreb Croatia. This conference is organized by the the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the European Association of Archaeologists and will focus on Heritage in Tourism Destination Management; Sustainable development, archaeology and tourism; Tourism and archaeological heritage management in Protected areas, World heritage sites and National parks; and Cultural Routes.

Helsinki, Finland

MOOC - Open Digital Cultural Heritage

In 2018 AWHC worked on the development of a Massive Open Online Course about Open Digital Cultural Heritage in Finland for Helsinki University together with with Suzie Thomas (Helsinki University) and Maija Paavolainen (Helsinki University Library). This course will cover digital heritage collections of memory organizations, with a focus on openness and reuse.

Petäjävisi, Finland

Hygge  and Heritage - World Heritage and Local Services Seminar

In 2018 AWHC advised the organizers of the Hygge & Heritage – World Heritage and Local Services Seminar about their Seminar program and themes, and was responsible for the moderation. This international Seminar brought together 100 participants with an interest in developing lesser-known World Heritage Sites and their impact on local communities, organizations and businesses.



Mapping archaeological infrastructure Suriname

Late November 2016 AW Heritage Consultancy was part of a mission commissioned by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands at the request of the Directorate for Culture in Suriname. The aim of the visit was to compile an inventory of the archaeological infrastructure of the country in collaboration with the archaeological field of Suriname


Rauma, Finland

Nordic World Heritage conference

In 2017 Annemarie Willems was an invited speaker at the Nordic World Heritage conference in Rauma, Finland, where she spoke about  the management of archaeological heritage sites open to the public.


Tampere, Finland

Development and Best Practices of (Archaeological) Heritage Management As a Course

June 7-9 Annemarie Willems (AWHC and Friends of ICAHM), together with Suzie Thomas (Helsinki University), Aron D. Mazel (Newcastle University), Tuija-Liisa Soininen (Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum) and Visa Immonen (University of Turku) co-organised the conference Development and Best Practices of (Archaeological) Heritage Management As a Course. Colleagues from Finland and all over the world gathered at the Museum Center Vapriikki in Tampere.  The aim of this working-conference was to identify and discuss the key components or common denominators for teaching archaeological heritage management.

Preservation Museum Harbor Spakenburg


the Netherlands

AWHC was commissioned by the Municipality of Bunschoten, the Netherlands, to map the funding opportunities on the local, national and international level for the activities related to the realization of the mission as formulated in the Master plan Preservation Museum Harbor Spakenburg: the sustainable conservation and preservation of Museum Harbor Spakenburg. AWHC also consulted on the design of the organization for the implementation of the Master plan.


the Netherlands

Visitor survey,  Markthal Rotterdam

AWHC participated in a visitor survey at the ‘time stairs’ that are located in the Market Hal in Rotterdam. The project was initiated by Leiden University, faculty of Archaeology and conducted with Dr. M. van den Dries and  drs. A. van Rhijn from Leiden University and students from the  research group Archaeological Heritage Management from the Archaeology Faculty (Leiden University ).


the Netherlands

Heritage and quality of life

AWHC participated in a study that goes into the value of social utilisation of archeological heritage and heritage and quality of life. The study is done at the care facility for mentally handicapped people, Ipse de Bruggen, where recently the Limes Visitor Centre NIGRVM PVLLVM was opened that displays the Roman heritage that was excavated on their grounds. The integration of the archaeological heritage in the daily life of people with a mental handicap makes this a unique project. The longitudinal monitoring study to measure the effects was initiated by Dr. M. van den Dries (Leiden University) and also conducted by students (Leiden University) and  Tom Hazenberg from Advise Agency Hazenberg Archaeology.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Session EAA Annual Conference

AWHC, together with Cynthia Dunning of ArchaeoConcept, organized the session I See Something That You Can’t See. Multidisciplinary Approaches in Archaeological Tourism. This session was part of the greater EAA Working Party initiative Integrating the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism. Like the WP this session was aimed at creating a multidisciplinary dialogue and raise awareness of the benefits and possible conflicts of archaeologists and professionals from other relevant disciplines working together in archaeological tourism projects turning them into a meaningful experience for the general public. Eight colleagues from all over Europe presented their papers that gave enough food for thought to keep the conversation going until the next EAA meeting in Maastricht next year.

Jyväskylä. Finland

Guest lecture

On 13 December 2016 Annemarie Willems gave a guest lecture at Jyväskylä University about archaeological heritage management. The country of Suriname and its (archaeological) heritage management served as an case study.

The following projects and activities have been developed and executed by Friends of ICAHM. From 2016 Annemarie Willems is excutive director for Friends of ICAHM (FoI). FoI has been created to support the mission of ICAHM through the dissemination of information concerning world heritage.

Montalbano Elicona, Sicily Italy

2018 ICAHM Annual Meeting: Discover Sicily’s Argimusco – a Holistic Approach to Heritage Management

On behalf of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), FoI organized the 2018 ICAHM Annual Meeting. The  focus if the meeting was on the overriding need to develop a holistic and integrated approach to heritage management.

Bagamoyo, Tanzania

2017 ICAHM Annual Meeting: Sub-Saharan Africa And International Trade Routes

On behalf of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), FoI organized the 2017 ICAHM Annual Meeting in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The emphasis of this meeting was on trade routes to and from Sub-Saharan Africa to the rest of the world, the Africa Initiative, and conservation and sustainable use of paleoanthropological sites.

Salalah, Oman

2016 ICAHM Annual Meeting: Archaeological Park as World Heritage Site - Management Strategy for the Future

On behalf of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), FoI organized the 2016 ICAHM Annual Meeting in Salalah, Oman, 2-5 May, in cooperation with ICOMOS Oman. The focus of this conference was on the  sustainable management of archaeological World Heritage Sites.

Florence, Italy

ICAHM workshop

Annemarie Willems was the Observer Coordinator for the ICAHM Workshop to Develop Standards for the Management of Archaeological World Heritage Sites (Archaeological Parks) that took place in Florence from 30 November till 3 December 2015 in Florence, Italy and was hosted by the Del Bianco Foundation

The following projects and activities have been developed and executed by ArchaeoConcept and the association ArchaeoTourism2012. Until November 2015 Annemarie Willems was responsible for the International projects at ArchaeoConcept and she is still associated with ArchaeoConcept as an external expert. Annemarie was one of the co-founders of the association ArchaeoTourism2012 and was president until April 2016. 


Site of the Month

ArchaeoConcept and the association ArchaeoToursim decided to promote Swiss archaeology, landscapes and treasures through a unique and original sustainable tourism project. The particularity of this project is the strong collaboration between archaeologists, palaeontologists and tourism professionals, as well as local historical associations. From June 2015 each month one site in one canton of Switzerland is put in the spotlight.

Glasgow, Scotland

Roundtable discussion EAA Annual Conference

Together with Dr. Ben Thomas from the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), ArchaeoConcept and ArchaeoTourism2012 organized a roundtable, ‘Archaeotourism on the Move: Developing Guidelines for Europe’ at the EAA annual conference in Glasgow in 2015. The primary goal for this roundtable was to establish a framework for a set of European guidelines on archaeological tourism. The most important outcome of the roundtable discussion was the foundation of an EAA Working Party (WP) ‘Integrating the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism’ and the outcome of this WP would be creating European guidelines for archaeological tourism for Europe and beyond, maintaining and sustaining an information platform and professional network.

Jishou, China

ICAHM Conference 

On behalf of the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), ArchaeoConcept organised the Annual ICAHM meeting in Jishou (Hunan Province, China), which was held from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2014 in close cooperation with ICOMOS China and Jishou University.

Istanbul, Turkey

Session EAA Annual Conference

Together with Dr. Ben Thomas from the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), ArchaeoConcept and ArchaeoTourims012 organised the session ‘Archaeology and Tourism’ at the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Conference.

With this session it was our goal to explore the possibilities and best practices of presenting archaeological research and communicating the importance of archaeological heritage to an interested public. We also aimed to explore how archaeologists can work with tourism experts to create public awareness and make the development of archaeological sites profitable in a sustainable way.

Biel, Switzerland

Regatta Biel

The prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps became UNESCO World Heritage in 2011 and consist of 111 sites in 6 countries around the Alps of which 56 are located in Switzerland. For this reason the Nouveau Musée Biennois (NMB) organized the exhibition «Logboat. Prehistory of Navigation» and in connection to this exhibition, on May 18th 2014, the NMB and ArchaeoConcept organized a logboat regatta and festival on the Lake of Biel, Switzerland.


Helbling Argentina

The exhibition was focussed on the scientific work of the Swiss geologist, geographer and cartographer Robert Helbling, who explored the mountains and glaciers of the Andes south of the Aconcagua. The exhibition Bivouac#08. Tierra incógnita. The cartographic collection of Argentina of Robert Helbling was shown in the Swiss alpine Museum  (alps), from December 14 2013 to 8th of June 2014.

Thun, Switzerland


Together with the association Archaeotourism2012 ArchaeoConcept organized the first national “Archaeology and Tourism” conference, at Thun Castle 8-9 November 2012. More than fifty participants, archaeologists as well as tourism specialists, came together to identify their common interests, explore their differences, and to get know each other better with a view to working together more effectively.

Baden, Switzerland


Together with the association Archaeotourism2012 and the town of Baden (Switzerland), ArchaeoConcept organised this international conference in Baden from the 27th till the 29th of November 2014. This conference brought together archaeologists, historians, built heritage experts, investors as well as tourism and marketing specialists and managers of modern bath and wellness resorts.


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